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Read PDF files right in your browser!

The PDF Download extension, a popular choice for solving your PDF viewing issues, is a browser add-on to view and download PDF documents without saving the file. With this browser extension, you can easily cut down time spent on opening, reading, and converting PDF files on your browser. Available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, PDF Download was recently acquired by Nitro, leading to plenty of new features and updates.

It’s now a part of the Nitro Family - a major upgrade!


The PDF free download provides you with a browser extension with PDF free tools that performs a good job of opening, reading, and converting PDF files. You can also benefit from the advanced features like OCR, which turns PDFs into searchable documents. Additionally, you get the ability to remove, reorder, and insert pages. An excellent tool, PDF Download makes daily document-reading easier and faster.

Unlike competitors like Microsoft’s Reader app, PDF Download lets you add comments to PDF documents before you share them over email. It’s a pretty good feature for suggesting changes in collaborative projects. With the free version, you can’t edit the text but highlight, strike through, and underline text to clarify suggestions and track changes.

PDF Download extension allows you to conveniently convert multiple file types to PDF, including text documents and images. It doesn’t require you to download a separate tool or software. For a free program, the extension comes with an impressive feature set.

Is PDF Download easy to use?

The clean and simple interface allows you to start using the extension for PDF file downloads without any hassles. When you launch the extension, the prompts and quick start guide ensure you clearly understand the features and usage. The well-designed layout presents clear icons in the menu bar, with essentials like annotation displayed right under ‘Home’.

While using PDF Download, you can use advanced options like esignature, highlight text, and insert comments. Since it’s a browser extension, the same features are available on desktop, mobile phones, and tablets. All you need to do is add the extension to your browser, and cross-platform usage becomes seamless and hassle-free.

While using a touchscreen laptop or tablet, you need to tap the icon right next to the ‘Undo’ button to turn on ‘Touch’ mode. A single click makes the extension touch-friendly with well-spaced, larger buttons. For quicker access to settings, you can customize the toolbar, depending on your usage and requirements. Simply click the button next to the ‘Touch/Mouse’ toggle.

Standout features as part of the Nitro Family

Since PDF Download became part of the Nitro family, several new features have been introduced. It has allowed the popular extension to accomplish advanced-level PDF tasks with ease. Since the interface is familiar, PDF Download is one of the most user-friendly tools in the market.

If you’re familiar with MS Office, this extension will feel like a similar version of the platform, making it easier to integrate with your online workflows. Nitro has emphasized on ease of use and speed, and the increasing number of downloads support the efforts being made by the developers to empower the extension.

As mentioned earlier, the tool comes with some advanced functionalities, such as OCR, the ability to highlight text and manipulate images within PDF files, and a comprehensive help section with well-defined tutorials. Using the ‘QuickSign’ tool, you can easily scan or draw your signature in the documents.

Seamless editing and collaboration

If you’re using a premium version of Nitro, the extension comes with additional features. Editing documents is easy with comments, dynamic bookmarks, watermarks, and logos. For indexing and labeling, the Bates numbering system comes in handy. There’s also a useful redaction tool, which supports multiple legal formats. PDF Download allows you to easily stamp, annotate, and take measurements within PDF documents.

For collaboration, it’s easy to compare and share documents with the extension. Most importantly, it’s compatible with Cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, and SharePoint, allowing you to easily and quickly share documents with teammates.

Quick creation and conversion

As compared to full-fledged PDF downloaders, readers and editors, PDF Download extension comes with basic creation and conversion capabilities. You can scan documents to PDF, create editable files, and convert multiple file formats to PDF. For better tracking and security purposes, it’s possible to set passwords and permissions in the documents.

PDF Download free version comes with a wide range of conversion features available in most PDF app downloads. It’s easy to convert between PDF and images, Microsoft formats, and plain text. Since it’s a browser extension, PDF Download allows you to optimize documents for online content. Additionally, you can extract multiple documents and merge them into one with ease.


The perfect way to open, read, and convert PDF files!

If you want to conveniently open, read, and convert PDF files right in your browser, PDF Download extension comes in handy. While using the tool, you won’t have to download a separate program. The extension can be easily added to popular browsers, including Firefox and Chrome. With free PDF Download, you can go through PDF files without being bothered by several dialog boxes and windows.

While the extension is limited to downloading, opening, and converting PDF files, it’s integrated with Nitro’s range of PDF readers. If you have a premium subscription, you can use several editing tools right in your browser for best results. Since PDF Download is now a part of the Nitro family, you can expect more updates and features in the coming releases.


  • Opens PDF files in Firefox browser
  • Quickly converts PDF documents
  • Minimizes risk of Firefox crashing with PDFs
  • Allows you to eSign PDF files


  • Does not support editing in free version
  • Does not embed video and audio files

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PDF Download for PC

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    i do recommend PDF for help to gather your documents in one place.

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    yes,because it can help with more people.and it also my help me.

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    yes, I recommend it because it's simple and easy one and it does not content more apace as well.

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    Yes, because its important for reading files and saving huge documents...........

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    good very good wow and usful what do you think i have to say more thanks


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